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BCU Financial Group is a fast-growing Ontario-based financial group providing Canadians with diversified services and products. BCU Financial Group offers its members a real alternative to high-fee, big-name banking, insurance, and wealth management services through BCU Financial, BCU Insurance, and BCU Wealth Management.

BCU Financial

BCU Financial is a full service, member-owned financial institution serving the needs of the Ukrainian community in Ontario. With 20,000 members, BCU Financial, together with BCU Wealth Management, has over $1 billion dollars in assets under management and provides its members personal financial services accessible online, via telephone, on the BCU mobile app, and in-person in one of the many branch locations across Ontario.

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BCU Insurance

BCU Insurance will protect you and your family from life’s unexpected events by providing customized insurance coverage. Each person has his or her own unique life circumstances that affect when and what type of insurance they may need. BCU Insurance provides all individuals, families and businesses with reliable coverage and valuable, personal, and genuine service.

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BCU Wealth Management

BCU Wealth Management is a full-service boutique investment firm that creates customized financial planning solutions for individuals, families, businesses, foundations, trusts, and non-profit organizations. We offer comprehensive financial advice including financial planning, retirement planning, education planning, and estate planning, and offer various investment solutions. BCU Wealth Management is committed to helping you achieve your financial goals no matter how big or small.

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BCU Foundation

BCU Foundation is a member-supported charitable institution which was created to establish a permanent means of delivering substantial assistance to noteworthy community-based cultural and educational endeavors in Canada. Since its inaugural event in 2006, BCU Foundation has distributed over $6 million in support of countless projects to a multitude of organizations across Canada. To date, BCU Foundation is the only charitable foundation in Canada established by a Ukrainian-Canadian financial institution.

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